Throughout my life I have been an avid people watcher. I love the challenge of capturing those special, sparkling moments that can be cherished for years to come. As your wedding photographer I will do everything I can to make your special day one that you will remember forever.

I hold a first class honours degree in photography at Nottingham Trent University – regarded as one of the finest educational establishments in the UK to study photography. I take great pride in my work and believe that high quality training is vital in order to maintain a fresh and contemporary style and approach. I always work alongside an experienced ‘second shooter’ (support photographer), allowing us to take a more varied amount of pictures and capture even more of those special ‘unseen’ moments on your wedding day.


Client support

At Oliver Charles Photography we believe that outstanding client support is essential. You can be assured that whenever you contact us your call will be answered by someone that knows you and your wedding requirements. We also have our own studio and offices where you can visit us in person to chat about your photography needs. At Oliver Charles Photography we offer a comprehensive, professional service and are proud of the images we create.

Our Philosophy

I know that your wedding day is a very special occasion, unique and obviously important to you and to everyone else who is there.  There are many emotions that go to make up that very special day. There will be fantastic highs, excitement, laughter, nerves and expectation. There will certainly be tears of joy and feelings will be running high.

My job is to capture all that fantastic emotion in a quiet and professional way without making us the centre of attention and to do all this without causing you or your guests any stress.  We capture your day exactly as it happens in a calm and professional way. We are experts in delivering a photographic record of the day.  We love doing it and we are good at it!

Where possible we take every photograph using the available light. Only on rare occasions will we be using any flash photography. Flash photography can be very intrusive and spoil those special moments of tenderness and intimacy. On some rare occasions we have no choice but to use flash but you can be reassured that our intention is always to remain discrete and invisible.

I certainly don’t direct. I am often told that people have had experiences at weddings where the photographer is constantly directing guests and asking everyone to pose in a stiff and artificial manner.

I still love to shoot all those traditional elements of the wedding such as signing the register, the family groups and the cutting of the cake as well as the more contemporary reportage shots that everyone loves to see. But the shots that will truly stand out are the ones where we work together to develop something totally unique and that show you really are amazing!


Finishing Touches

The art of editing has become one of the key skills when using digital photography. Having your photographs expertly edited makes an enormous difference to the finished photograph. At Oliver Charles we pride ourselves on our in-house skills. We expertly edit all our photographs and nothing is handed to a third party. This means we have the consistency and flair that our clients appreciate and that our competitors envy. We dont try and change you, we just like to make our images ‘pop’


We believe that being chosen to photograph your wedding is a privilege. We love doing it and we think it’s the best photographic job in the world.



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