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Semi-nude couple plead guilty to public nuisance charge

Two scantily clad models who created a stir while on a photo shoot pleaded guilty to a public nuisance charge at the Ipoh magistrate’s court today, Berita Harian reported.



Low Kah Wai, 27 and How Jo Yee, 21, were jointly charged under Section 268 of the Penal Code and were ordered to pay a fine of RM400 each, or to serve a month in jail if they failed to settle the fine.

Their lawyer Andrew Soong confirmed that both Low and How would settle the fine.

The semi-nude couple were photographed crossing the road, and the images were shared on mobile messaging app WhatsApp.

Social media was abuzz with photos of the couple, who were said to be models. It is believed that they were accompanied by a crew and were in a wedding photography session.

This is the second such incident after the so-called “Penang Nude Sports Games 2014” was exposed in a viral online video last month. The event involved 15 Malaysians and foreigners who appeared naked in a beach in Teluk Bahang.

Police said the participants included seven Malaysians, four Singaporeans, two Myanmar nationals and one each from India and the Philippines. Police have also sought help from Interpol to track down the foreigners.

The event triggered a public outcry and photographs of the participants were released. Two women have been arrested to facilitate investigations. – August 27, 2014.


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